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Your Complete Guide to Blue Pearl Granite
Are you considering adding a touch of something special to your memorial, monument or architectural project? Step forward, Blue Pearl granite. Blue Pearl granite stands among the world’s most prestigious granite varieties for a reason. Dive in to learn more about this premium stone, its origins, colours, the projects we’ve used it in and the […]
Creating a Granite Holy Redeemer Sculpture
HGH Granite has collaborated with the Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton for many years, supplying granite for various memorial projects. These include two Mother and Children sculptures, for the Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Cemetery in Stoney Creek, ON, and the Holy Family cemetery in Milton, ON; alongside the St Michael sculpture, […]
What are the Differences Between Cobbles, Pavers and Setts?
Whether you’re a landscape architect, municipality representative, or involved in urban design, understanding the differences between cobbles, setts and pavers is super-handy for selecting the right aesthetic for your project. In this blog, we explore the physical differences and ideal use cases for each. The Difference Between Cobbles, Setts, and Pavers What are cobbles? The […]
5 Reasons to Choose Granite for a Landmark
When it comes to creating a landmark or sculpture, the choice of material is as important as the design and theme of the piece; integral, not just to how good it looks, but to its general quality and lifespan. Among the many material options open to sculptors, artists, architects and memorial makers, granite stands tall. […]
Celebrating Black History Month: the Voices of Freedom Monument
At HGH Granite, we believe in the power of art and craftsmanship to celebrate and honour the rich tapestry of cultures that shape our communities here in Canada. And as we mark the beginning of Black History Month, we’re looking back at our contribution to the Voices of Freedom monument, an experiential art installation in […]
Using Fieldstones for Landmarks, Memorials and Architectural Projects
Turning Fieldstones into Masterpieces From creating striking landmarks that capture the essence of a location, to constructing memorials that blend solemnity with natural beauty, the use of natural elements such as boulders and fieldstones has gained significant popularity. Valued not only for their aesthetic appeal, rustic charm and enduring strength, fieldstones have the power to […]
Q&A about our Mother & Children Cemetery Sculptures
Mother & Children Cemetery Memorial Q&A Our work on these granite Mother & Children grass markers was recently unveiled at Our Lady of the Angels Cemetery in Stoney Creek (right), and the Holy Family Cemetery in Milton (left) – of the Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario. We’re proud of how these memorials […]
Ancient Roman letters chiseled in marble. Can be placed over different backgrounds.
Sometimes during conversations with unsuspecting friends, family members,  or brand new clients, we’ll drop in a term such as ‘nosings’ or ‘lithichrome’ or ‘porosity’ – only to be greeted by stony silence (pun intended) or an amused ‘Huh?’ It got us thinking, why don’t we create an A-Z glossary of our most-used granite terms that […]
Crafting Sacred Art: the Making of a St. Michael Sculpture
HGH is currently in the midst of an exciting collaboration with The Catholic Cemeteries of Hamilton (Ontario) to deliver a series of sculptures for their cemeteries. Having worked with the Diocese previously, we were thrilled to get the call regarding this new project. For us, it’s a wonderful opportunity to blend our granite sourcing expertise […]
Your Complete Guide to Granite Maintenance and Repairs
Whether you’re a landscape architect, memorial artist, or a monument company working granite, you choose it because of its timeless beauty and durability of granite pieces. We get that completely. From awe-inspiring monuments to meaningful, elegant headstones and resilient public ‘carpets’ – see the ‘granite carpet’ at the Four Seasons’ Hotel, Toronto, below – granite […]