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Family owned and operated, HGH Granite has been in the industry since 1929. It’s safe to say that we’ve become experts in the field and have a special ability to display the natural beauty found within granite. We import our stone from four continents and supply our diverse clientele with the highest-quality granite on the market. Beginning in the early 20th century with a focus on memorials, we’ve branched out and expanded our customer base to include the likes of architects, landscapers, municipalities, and more. Along with importing and exporting, we also provide proficient granite services in Ontario. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the ways that we stand out from our competitors and the process of some of our skills and techniques


Whether it’s a monument, memorial, or an architectural feature, when your granite gets damaged, you can’t just leave it alone. Through our years (nearly 90), we’ve gained quite a bit of knowledge about granite. While repair might sound easy, it actually takes a keen eye and a steady hand to properly fix any scratch, chip, or overall damage. Our knowledgeable and skilled stoneworkers will first carefully assess the damage and use their expertise and advanced tools to rectify any damage and have your granite appear as if nothing had ever happened.


We’ve seen some oddly shaped and extremely heavy stone works over the years, and have always been able to install them without a hitch. Obviously, this is an extremely delicate and important process and needs to be handled with care. If something were to happen during the installation, it’s unlikely that even our experts would be able to restore it. With our knuckle-boom crane, we ensure the safe delivery of your granite project, whether it be a large monument or a unique landmark. Once delivered, we will meticulously place it in its new environment so that it may be enjoyed for years to come. By using our granite delivery and installation services, you can rest assured that your project will safely arrive at its destination.

Laser Etching

Granite can be likened to an artist’s canvas. With skill, imagination, and years of experience, the stone can be transformed into a true piece of art. This is evident when you witness our laser etching process. By using lasers to engrave the stone, our cutting-edge machine is able to remove the surface colouring and polish of the granite to reveal the lighter shade found beneath. With the laser being exceptionally precise, we have the ability to create complex and photorealistic images. This process is most commonly used for creative architectural features, but also for unique granite landmarks and monuments.


Similar to laser etching, sandblasting removes the polished surface of the granite and gives us the ability to create lettering and designs at the depth of your choice. However, while laser etching is best used on darker coloured granite, sandblasting can be used a wider variety of colours since it can be painted for prominence to have your lettering really stand out. This technique is ideal for a custom granite memorial, landmarks, or even for signage in residential and commercial signage. Our knowledgeable stone masons are able to create unique and beautiful engravings for you through our sandblasting process, we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the final product.

HGH Granite

At HGH Granite, it seems as if every year we expand our services, and the breadth of our clientele. We began by strictly providing our services to monument retailers, but now we serve the art, architecture, and landscaping community with our custom stonework. Whether you’re looking for a headstone that will endearingly reflect the personality and life of a lost loved one or are working on a large architectural feature that really needs to stand out, we are the ones to call. With our wide array of granite to create custom projects, and our years of experience, we’re extremely proud of the product that we provide our customers. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to learn more about our granite services, be sure to contact us now. If you know what you’re looking for, send us your requirements and we’ll give you a free quote. We look forward to doing business with you.

Why Granite is the Preferred Material for Memorials

The story of HGH Granite originated all the way back in 1929 when an experienced and talented stone mason by the name of Henry George Hardwick moved to Ontario from England and began producing unparallelled memorials from a small workspace on Ottawa Street. Though our granite company in Ontario has significantly evolved since then, and we’ve become the leading suppliers of granite to the landscape, art, and architectural communities, we still proudly fulfill all the needs of cemeteries, memorial retailers, and municipalities.

As the old adage goes, “You can’t know where you are going unless you know where you have been.” We’re extremely proud of our origins, and even more proud of the granite we have been supplying for memorials, mausoleums, columbaria, and monuments for nearly 90 years. We consider it a noble service to provide material for families and friends to honor their loved ones. It’s truly terrible to lose someone you care about, and while we’re often unable to say a final goodbye, the best we can do is honor them with a beautiful marking of their final resting place that will last for centuries.

When walking through a cemetery you might notice a few old headstones or memorials made of deteriorating marble, but a high majority will be granite. There is a reason why granite has become the obvious choice of material when choosing l to memorialize a dear friend or family member. In this post, we’ll discuss what makes this stone the ideal material for a fitting and beautiful tribute, and why we are the best choice to supply it.

Incredible Durability

You don’t want the memorial of your loved one to crack or discolor with time. Like your memories of them, you never want it to fade or disintegrate. According to the MOHS (Measures of Hardness Scale), where diamonds are rated as the hardest material on earth at a 10, granite falls somewhere in between a 6 and a 7. It’s also extremely dense, with its molecules extremely packed in together. This makes it hard to carve, cut and polish without the proper tools, experience, and stonemasonry skill. Being family owned and operated, HGH Granite is now in its 5th generation of stone workers, so our knowledge and expertise is never questioned.

Custom Memorial

Custom Memorial Bryniac Monument

Natural Beauty

It’s hard to deny the beauty of granite. The actual stone is comprised of a mixture of different minerals such as mica, silica, quartz, and more, and this combination creates a wide array of colour schemes. From dark blues to deep reds, all mixed with multiple other hues, granite’s allure resembles the artistry of a mosaic. With so many options, you’re certain to find a colour that will make a beautiful memorial that also reflects the personality of your lost loved one. Be sure to browse through our vast selection of colours.

The Problem With Marble

It’s likely that you’ll view multiple marble monuments when visiting an old cemetery. This is because from the 1850’s all the way through the 1940’s, it was common practice to use marble due to how affordable it was to carve, polish and cut with the tools available to them. Yet, this is the reason why many of these memorials have deteriorated and are illegible today. Made of a calcite structure, marble decomposes under many conditions and especially over time. Yet, it was used almost exclusively until advancements in stonemason tools and techniques in the 20’s (around when Henry George Hardwick began producing high-quality memorials).

In modern times, granite has become the clear choice when choosing material for a memorial. Some go with bronze, but this lacks the customization, natural beauty, and colour that granite offers.

HGH Granite

Our work in the memorial industry has been a foundation for us to show our abilities and expertise in custom granite and that’s why we continue our services today. Our extremely experienced staff will be able to guide you in choosing the perfect stone for your needs. We have countless options and are sure to meet your requirements. Importing, exporting, and globally sourcing granite is what we do best, and our stone craftsmen are experts in laser etching, repair work, installation, and sandblasting, so be sure to contact us today for any of your granite needs.

Give Your Client the Gift of Custom Stonework, Pt 2

Here at HGH Granite, we not only value the finished product, we also see huge significance in the planning, the making, and the setting up of a stone landmark, granite architectural monument, or custom-made memorial. Our clients range from landscapers to contractors to architects to business owners and we know that you simply can’t put a price on a well-made memorial or landmark. No matter the reason for reaching out to us at HGH Granite, we know that you’ll be impressed with our processes, you’ll be happy with our customer service, and you’ll be overjoyed by the finished product. Contact HGH today for a custom granite piece or one-of-a-kind stone landmark!

In part one of our blog series, we looked at the many locations and reasons that one might choose to have a granite or stone piece commissioned. We discussed businesses that want to do more for their customers by providing them with a unique piece of art in their lobby or courtyard. We also talked about the value of having a stone piece or granite landmark at a government building, an important location, or a final resting place. In today’s blog, we’re going to dive into the forms that some of our granite pieces have sometimes taken on. We’ll also let you in on some of our processes and services.

When your custom-made granite piece or unique memorial means so much to so many, we take the process of creating it seriously. From start to finish, we oversee the process of giving you and your clients the perfect, one-of-a-kind piece. Here are some of the ways that we prove to our clients that we are about more than just the production of a one-of-a-kind stone piece.


From beginning to end, the whole process of getting your stoneworks completed to your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. As the leading experts in granite installation, we have situated many complex and unusual works for both monument dealers and architects alike. We are able to solve complicated logistical challenges while also providing peace of mind to our amazing clients. Our specially designed truck enables the safe, efficient, and stress-free delivery of our one-of-a-kind granite products, including stone monuments and architectural landmarks. Once the granite has been delivered, we take great care to perfectly and professionally install it in its new home, no matter whether that home is a cemetery, a high-traffic municipal space, a state park, a hotel, or any other location.


We can tell you that from our many satisfied customers over almost a century, that we pride ourselves on making a product that will last, but that being said, any landmark, memorial, or piece of architecture will face wear and tear over the years. With the use of our advanced tools and decades of hands-on experience in stonework, our amazing in-house team of experts perform repairs to any chipped, scratched, or damaged granite; whether for monumental or architectural applications. This extremely intricate process starts with a careful assessment of the damage, a close inspection of the properties of the specific granite, which aids us in the process of seamlessly and perfectly restoring the granite to its original state. Having the right tools at our disposal—including polishers, profilers, grinders, wire saws, sandblaster, and blade saws—we can repair any type of damage or degradation and restore your granite to look just like new!

Now that we’ve taken a look at the process by which we offer our services to clients so that they can have confidence and peace of mind in putting their landmarks and monuments in our hands, let’s look at some specific kinds of architectural landmarks, monuments, and memorials that we’ve taken part in.

What We’ve Done


Have you ever seen a beautiful courtyard floor that resembles an intricate Persian rug or a unique and gorgeous mural? Our granite services can include these amazing and one-of-a-kind applications. If you can dream it, we can do it! Contact HGH Granite today to learn about ways to make your courtyard or your client’s space more beautiful with some custom stonework.


Sometimes a space simply needs a beauty and elegance of running water. What better way to add some natural ambiance and grace to an area than with a custom-made fountain. When you work with us at HGH, you’ll be amazed at the options for a stone fountain that is unlike any other. Contact HGH now to get started on your fountain.

Abstract Landmark

One of the best ways to make a space memorable, unique, and interesting is by adding an abstract sculpture or landmark. People will be able to appreciate the new ambiance and artistic feel that the sculpture helps to create and you’ll be so happy that you chose HGH to make this idea a reality. Contact us today to get started.

Unique Memorial

Whether you’re putting a memorial at someone’s burial grounds or final resting place, or you’re installing a monument to simply honor someone, our custom memorials will be the perfect way to pay tribute to someone you love and appreciate. Reach out to us at HGH Granite to learn more about the amazing opportunities that await you.

Anywhere Else

Do you really have to have a generic reason or location to have a custom-made, granite work of art made? Just because you’ve seen other contractors and landscapers add stonework to a specific area or courtyard, we encourage you to think outside the box. Consider all of the ways that you can give a space some individuality and character. In the meantime, take a look at some of our case studies. You may just be inspired.

We’re so glad that you’ve stuck with us through this two-part blog series. We take our work very seriously and we know that you do too. We know that when we work together, the process, the product, and the location will be better for it.

Looking for an established company for some custom-made granite or unique stonework? HGH has been around since 1929 and though our business has grown since then, our business model has stayed the same. We’ve always maintained a focus on individualized customer service, high-quality products, and outstanding processes that put all of our competitors to shame.

Contact HGH Granite today for all of your custom granite and stone architectural needs!

Give Your Client the Gift of Custom Stonework, Pt 1

Welcome to our blog page here at HGH Granite! Since 1929, our family-owned, Ontario business has been providing people with high-quality granite. With the endless pursuit of perfection and effort put into bettering our processes, we’ve been able to expand our service areas, broaden our industries, and give more people unforgettable custom stonework and granite products. There are so many ways for you to take advantage of our services.

Do you need help with your granite installation? HGH can help ensure a proper installation of your monument or landmark so that you and your clients are both satisfied. Are you in need of granite repair? With advanced tools and years of hands-on experience, HGH experts can perform vital repairs to your custom granite or stonework. Are you considering laser etching or sandblasting? HGH does it all. We’ll supply quality granite for your big architectural project, commissioned landmark, or landscaping job. If you have questions about your unique landmark or monument, contact the granite experts at HGH today!

The Need for Custom Granite

There are many different opportunities to leave a lasting monument or landmark. We’ve seen countless business owners reach out to landscaping contractors and architects in an effort to get a one-of-a-kind stone sculpture, monument, fountain, or memorial. Knowing that we’ve supplied the stone for unique memorials and landmarks that will last generations is so meaningful to us and we’re honored to be a part of that.

There are many different locations and venues in which our services are relevant and there are also many different kinds of services and industries that we offer. In today’s two-part blog, we’re going to take a closer look at everything that HGH Granite offers our clients. Continue reading on to learn about our established, experienced, and one-of-a-kind business.

Where We Work

There is something so powerful about a unique memorial, landmark, or architectural work of art. Memorials and monuments can help us feel connected to a certain person, event, or time in history, landmarks can help us appreciate the complexities and capabilities of modern architecture, and other memorable works of art can invoke artistic feelings in us unlike anything else. We understand the potential that a finely-crafted, one-of-a-kind granite piece can have, and we don’t take that lightly. Here are a few of the places that our custom granite pieces and stone works of art are often located.


Have you seen breathtaking courtyard architecture at hotels, restaurants, law offices, or other businesses? Whether you notice a granite floor that resembles a Persian rug, or you take in a one-of-a-kind fountain that creates the perfect look and feel, you can certainly appreciate when businesses have this kind of art.

Significant Locations

There is so much to be said for being respectful when it comes to a location where something occurred. Whether we’re talking about the memorial that marks the space in which the two towers once stood in New York City, a statue built to commemorate a battlefield, or a monument to pay tribute to lives lost in another tragedy, these memorials are so important. They are significant because they give us a physical, tangible way to remember what happened, why it occurred, and who was affected by it.

No matter what kind of architectural project you need to be completed, HGH Granite can help you create the perfect custom stone memorial for whatever location you’re wanting to commemorate. Contact us for more information about your monument.

Government or State Commissions

When you are commissioned to provide a one-of-a-kind sculpture, monument, or landmark, you know that you’ll want to produce a product that is of the highest quality and is finely and expertly crafted. Whether you’re making a granite bench to sit outside of a courthouse, you’re creating a statue for a capital building, or you’re providing a sculpture for another state building, you want the work to be unique and well-made. Reach out to HGH Granite for your custom stonework or unique granite project.

Final Resting Places

What better way to show your unwavering love and unyielding devotion to someone who has since passed than by setting up a memorial to honor them? HGH Granite has been providing the stone for memorials for almost 90 years and we know how important this service is. We want loved ones to be able to visit graves and places of final rest in as much comfort and ease as possible. Contact HGH today to learn about our granite and stonework.

Gardens and State Parks

We’ve often seen custom granite pieces commissioned to be placed at a large show garden, State Park, or national forest. Often times, those who have financially supported the building and maintaining of this attraction are honored with a monument or sculpture. Is there a better method for thanking someone who contributed to such a beautiful place? Contact HGH Granite today to put up an honorary sculpture or architecture monument near you!

Thanks for sticking around with us to learn about all of the places that we’ve seen people put our custom granite monuments or stonework pieces. However, the sky’s the limit when it comes to options for ways to use our services to create something unique and memorable.

Join us next time for part two of our blog series in which we’ll discuss the specific granite and stone creations that people all over Canada and the US are having commissioned. In the meantime, check out our website to learn about our services, read about our industries, and find out about ways to get your custom granite project off the ground.

No matter the reason for your unique granite piece or custom stonework, you’ll want to make sure that you’re only choosing the experts to craft your landmark or monument. HGH Granite has been in business for almost 90 years and we’ve got the experience, proven track record, and high-quality materials and tools to give you a custom piece that will remain for years to come. Contact us to get your custom granite piece started!

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