With our beginnings in 1929, HGH Granite in Ontario began exclusively as a supplier of custom stonework and granite services to monument retailers. Today, through decades of hard work and an unwavering focus on our product, we’ve expanded our capabilities to be able to accommodate even the most complicated client requests. Between our three main industries, architectural, landmarks, and memorials, we’re able to provide clients all over Canada and the Northeastern United States with high-quality granite and stonework that they can appreciate for generations. Looking for an expertly crafted monument, landmark, or memorial? HGH Granite would love to provide you with a one-of-a-kind piece that will remain for years to come.

We are a company specialized in the creation of unique granite pieces that remain intact and conserve their beauty through time. From architectural pieces to memorials for our loved ones, we have a huge variety of clients, projects and samples.

We know how to give the perfect shape to your sculptures or memorials. In fact, our team is composed of highly skilled and talented people that will treat your project with professionalism and empathy.

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When you’re in need of quality granite for your architectural job, whether it’s for paving, cobbles, curbing, cladding, coping, or anything else, you can’t go wrong when you reach out to HGH Granite. We work with both architects and landscape designers to source the material that they need to make their project exactly what they and their clients are wanting. HGH works hard to ensure the stone we provide reaches contractors in the expected time and at the expected budget.

Whether it’s supplying stone for the restoration of a historic building, or making sure that we give our partnering contractors shop drawings for each project, with some of the biggest and most difficult architectural projects under our belts, our experience, and many successes prove our reliability.

Granite is a very resistant material, and it is perfect for architecture. In fact, many architects nowadays use it for their projects and we have a stock reserved for these architectural projects. We can handle even the most challenging projects and we have different types of granite to adapt to your needs and requirements.


Whether your granite and stonework needs, including signage, public art, or civic memorials, HGH Granite has the skill, the experience, and the stone to make the landmark in your mind a reality. By working with highly skilled artists, designers, sign companies, and others, we ensure from start to finish that each landmark is unique, well-made, and able to stand the test of time.

Between our granite couches, stone fountains, cenotaphs, signs, and everything else, HGH Granite has your landmark needs covered.

With granite, we can also celebrate life and add beauty to our spaces. Granite is such a reliable material that it can last for generations. It is perfect for open spaces and you can use it as a stylish and durable material for your project.

By the way, we have solutions to suit your budget and preferences with the highest quality designs and shapes.


With almost 90 years of experience providing granite for memorials, HGH sells stone to monuments retailers in Canada, and the US. We also have an in-house production plant for rush orders. HGH Granite has a long-standing relationship with overseas factories and quarries ensuring consistent quality and priority service. With a large inventory of both finished memorials and raw materials, we’re able to provide unique memorial designs and personal service to memorial dealers, ensuring that they can give their customers the very best options.

As a company that memorial sellers have trusted in for generations, HGH has the proven track record to meet our client’s granite needs, no matter what!

The desire to be remembered is inherent to the human being and our way of manifesting this desire is by making the best granite memorials. With granite memorials, we can remember our loved ones, making sure that they remain in our memory for as long as possible.

Granite is a material that lasts through the years, and your family memories will last for generations to come.

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Are you in need of a granite supplier for your landscaping business, architectural project, or landmark design? HGH Is the company for you. We’d love to talk with you about your granite needs and get you set up with a product that you and your customers will love. Don’t delay — reach out to HGH Granite for your next big project, landmark, or memorial.

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At HGH Granite, we have enough experience in the granite industry to carry out any type of project you submit. No matter what your plan is, we are willing to listen to your proposal and look for a solution. Our team of specialists will make a custom-made plan for your project.

No matter how challenging your project is, at HGH Granite, we have worked with hundreds of companies for over 90 years, offering the highest quality service and customized solutions to our clients’ stonework needs.

Our staff is qualified to assist you, advise you, and listen to you in order to guarantee that your project becomes a reality as expected. Get in touch with us and we will make your projects come true!

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