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Welcome to HGH - Your Partner in Granite

Watch your vision for your landmark, architectural feature or memorial transform into a reality.

Since 1929, HGH Granite has been a trusted partner B2B supplier of high-quality granite and stonework solutions, across Canada and North America. With our extensive experience and dedication to excellence, we understand the unique challenges your face when sourcing granite.

As a premier granite supplier, we’re committed to providing you with next-level service, a legacy of craftsmanship, a streamlined approach to procurement and execution, tailored solutions, on-time and on-budget projects, and, of course, exceptional one-off architectural, landmark and memorial projects that stand the test of time.


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Are you in need of a granite supplier for your landscaping business, architectural project, or landmark design? 

HGH Is the company for you. We’d love to talk with you about your granite needs and get you set up with a product that you and your customers will love. Don’t delay — reach out to HGH Granite for your next big project, landmark, or memorial.

Granite Memorial

At HGH Granite, we have enough experience in the granite industry to carry out any type of project you submit.

No matter what your plan is, we are willing to listen to your proposal and look for a solution. Our team of specialists will make a custom-made plan for your project. No matter how challenging your project is, at HGH Granite, we have worked with hundreds of companies for over 94 years, offering the highest quality service and customized solutions to our clients’ stonework needs. Our staff is qualified to assist you, advise you, and listen to you in order to guarantee that your project becomes a reality as expected. Get in touch with us and we will make your projects come true!