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Granite’s enduring strength and beauty make it a fitting tribute to loved ones and momentous events.

What we do

HGH Granite began life in the memorial industry. Working on forever pieces that pay tribute to people and times passed was the beginning of our story – and is an enduring honour and privilege to this day.

Almost 90 years later, we continue to proudly collaborate with, source and supply custom granite for memorial retailers, monument makers, cemeteries and municipalities across North America.

Our domestic and imported granite comes in a wide spectrum of colours, offering our clients diverse choice and creative flexibility for memorials, monuments, columbaria and mausoleums that will never be forgotten.

How we do it

Our seasoned, skilled and empathetic staff take a proactive role in helping clients and private customers find the ideal stone and perfect solution. 

With over four acres of inventory, including both finished product and raw material, we can show you the near endless possibilities of working with custom granite and make a recommendation – headstones, tombstones, mausoleums, memorials and columbarium –based on your requirements and price points.

Our experienced craftspeople perform sandblasting, in-house laser etching, hand carving and repair work for our valued wholesale customers.

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We’re with you from concept to reality

Tell us your vision and we’ll help you source it, import it and build it.

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