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Granite Etching Services

What we do

Our skilled in-house craftspeople use a mixture of artistry and technology to achieve exemplary results with laser, hand, and impact etching.

We work with a broad spectrum of clients – architects, designers, monument retailers and private clients – etching everything from public art features to granite memorials and headstones. All three of these methods are used to make artwork on stone, with our in-house artist creating or replicating images to meet customers’ requirements.

  • Laser etching is the ideal choice for large format projects, allowing us to etch on surface areas of up to 48-inch x 96-inch. The laser burns the polished surface of the stone to create the required colours and tones. Laser etching is also a great solution for etching text.
  • Hand etching is a historical artform that relies on different tools and techniques to create masterpieces by hand. This method provides a unique, personal touch and allows the artist to control the depth of each marking. This makes it the perfect method for intricate, detailed and complex designs.
  • Impact etching is best for smaller format projects and can be carried out in a wider range of granite colours. Similar to traditional hand etching, carbide rods impact the surface of the stone in a way that creates a deeper result.

How we do it

Our state-of-the-art etching machines and methods are capable of bringing highly intricate designs to life with sizes ranging from small niche doors up to large scale 48-inch x 96-inch pieces of polished granite. 

The process comprises removing a fine layer of the stone’s polish to reveal a lighter hue beneath. With this level of detail, we’re able to produce photorealistic images for one-of-a-kind granite monuments, granite headstones and custom granite architectural features.

Laser, hand and impact etching provide endless creative possibilities, enabling us to deliver your bespoke brief, on budget and on time. If you’d like to talk this through, we’d love to hear from you.

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