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Granite Sandblasting Services

What we do

Sandblasting is the perfect inscription method for landmarks, memorials and commercial or residential signage.

Over the course of nine decades, we’ve worked on a wide spectrum of sandblasting projects, delivering an intricate level of detail that befits each one – from public war memorials to the headstones of loved ones dearly departed.

Pictured – preparing a stencil for sandblasting.

How we do it

We have both manual and automatic sandblast booths at our facility for precise, cost-efficient lettering and carving.

Shape carving and toning is done within our manual sandblast booths. The process of shape carving is completed by hand and is used to sculpt designs, most commonly seen in floral designs, while the effect of toning creates varied hues within a design adding the needed detail that is often missed when engraving.

Sandblasting can also be employed on a wide spectrum of granite colors. This versatility, coupled with the almost endless array of lettering options, makes sandblasting an ideal inscription method.

Our talented team has the experience with replicating old lettering styles and adding the finishing touch of hand-tooling.

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