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Granite landmarks that make a statement.
And stand the test of time.

What we do

We collaborate with artists, architects, monument makers and monument dealers across North America, to create landmarks that are built to be honoured – and made to last.

With nine decades’ experience within the custom stonework and architectural granite trade, we use time-honoured techniques along with advanced technology to create masterpieces that turn heads and resonate in the heart.

We’ve worked on custom signage and decorative fountains to iconic veterans’ memorials and cenotaphs. Our landmarks are on display in major North American hubs, such as Toronto, Hamilton, Buffalo and New York City, and include The Eagles Among Us – a 17-tonne granite sculpture featuring four eagles who symbolise the healing of the First Nations following the Battle of Stoney Creek and the War of 1812.

How we do it

We pride ourselves on providing a personalized service for our clients at every stage, and taking projects seamlessly from start to finish.

Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every landmark we help create is an accurate and long-lasting rendition of the original design concept. Every piece is customizable and full of character – and every budget can be worked to.

We can take care of the full spectrum of project-related tasks: from shipping templates to manufacturers offshore, to arranging the safe arrival and installation of the finished product.

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We’re with you from concept to reality

Tell us your vision and we’ll help you source it, import it and build it.