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Your Complete Guide to Blue Pearl Granite

Are you considering adding a touch of something special to your memorial, monument or architectural project? Step forward, Blue Pearl granite.

Blue Pearl granite stands among the world’s most prestigious granite varieties for a reason.

Dive in to learn more about this premium stone, its origins, colours, the projects we’ve used it in and the famous global landmarks that showcase its natural beauty.

First things first, what is Blue Pearl Granite?

Blue pearl granite is a premium natural stone known for its striking appearance and durability. It’s often considered the twin sister of Emerald Pearl granite due to its similar composition and colour variations.

With its unique blend of blue, silver, and black hues, Blue Pearl Granite has a character all of its own.

Blue Pearl
HGH Granite Bahama Blue
Emerald Pearl

Where does Blue Pearl Granite come from?

Blue pearl granite is quarried in Norway, where it is carefully extracted from deep within the earth’s surface. Its formation over millions of years results in a stone of distinct quality and character. While it is primarily used for monuments due to its premium status, Blue Pearl Granite is occasionally incorporated into high-end building cladding for a luxurious finish.

So there’s more to Blue Pearl Granite than just blue?

Yes, despite its name, Blue Pearl Granite doesn’t just stick to hues of blue. In fact, it’s renowned for its varied colour palette, which includes shades of silver, and black.

The intricate grain structure of blue pearl granite, along with its spectrum of shades, adds even more depth and character to its appearance. It’s why it’s such a sought-after choice for memorial, monument makers and urban designers and architects.

What is Blue Pearl Granite primarily used for?

It’s typically used for monuments and prestigious projects. Due to its cost it’s not typically used in regular streetscape projects.

Is Blue Pearl an expensive granite?

Yes, Blue Pearl granite is considered a premium stone due to its rarity and unique colour variations, making it more expensive compared to other granite options. It’s also more expensive to cut than red and black granite. Why? Because it’s harder and therefore cutting through it wears through equipment faster.

A cheaper alternative to Blue Pearl Granite is Bahama Blue which has a different grain structure but is within the same colour variation.

3 examples of our work using Blue Pearl Granite

1. George Monument: This striking monument showcases the timeless beauty of Emerald Pearl granite.

klevas monument
2. Klevas Monument: Adorned with Blue Pearl granite, the Klevas Monument stands as a symbol of strength and resilience.

kanodoff monument
3. Kadonoff Memorial: The Kadonoff Memorial pays tribute to its namesake with the timeless beauty of Blue Pearl granite.

Do any famous landmarks feature Blue Pearl Granite?

Yes, indeed. Blue pearl granite has left its mark on numerous iconic landmarks and buildings around the world.

5 famous landmarks featuring Blue Pearl Granite

  1. Oslo Opera House, Norway: The Oslo Opera House, known for its contemporary design and waterfront location, features Blue Pearl Granite in its exterior cladding.oslo opera house
  2. Fukushima Memorial Monument, Japan: This memorial, dedicated to the victims of the Fukushima disaster, incorporates Blue Pearl Granite into its structure, symbolizing resilience and strength.
  3. Washington Monument, USA: The Washington Monument, an iconic symbol of the United States, includes Blue Pearl Granite in its base.washington monument
  4. Emirates Towers, UAE: These skyscrapers in Dubai showcase Blue Pearl Granite in their interiors, contributing to their luxurious aesthetic and modern appeal.kuala lampur skyline at twilight
  5. Petronas Towers, Malaysia: The world-renowned Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur feature Blue Pearl Granite in various decorative elements, adding to the towers’ architectural grandeur.

A quick-look guide to Blue Pearl Granite

Is Blue Pearl an expensive granite?

Yes, it’s considered a premium stone due to its rarity and unique color variations.

What colors are in Blue Pearl granite?

Blue Pearl granite is characterized by shades of blue, silver, and black, with variations in tone and intensity that add depth and dimension to its appearance.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Blue Pearl granite?

HGH Granite Bahama BlueYou could opt for Bahama Blue which has a different grain structure but is within the same colour variation.

What country does Blue Pearl granite come from?

Blue Pearl granite is quarried primarily in Norway, where it undergoes a meticulous extraction process to preserve its natural beauty and integrity.

To sum up…

From iconic landmarks to meaningful memorials, Blue Pearl Granite leaves a lasting impression.

Yes it’s known for its premium price point, but it’s worth it. The versatility of this premium stone allows for creative expression, durability and longevity, making it a preferred choice for architectural projects seeking to make a statement with special effects.

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