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Black Granite Shortages

Indian Black Granite Challenges – And 3 Solutions

Here at HGH we’re continuously briefed on the status of the quarries we source from around the world – and have recently been told by two of our valued suppliers in India that the industry is experiencing difficulties in sourcing Jet Black and Premium Black granites.

Being 100% transparent with our customers and clients is a cornerstone of our business, which is why – although the news might spark some concerns – we think it’s important to share it with you now.

Firstly, we’ll discuss the contributing factors behind the shortages – and secondly, we’ll offer a range of reassuring solutions

What are the contributing factors to the Indian black granite shortages?

  1. Demand
    There’s been a surge in demand for Indian Black over the past few years – an effect of black quarry sites in both China and Africa being closed, depleted, or delivering insufficient quality.
  1. Quarry closures
    During the pandemic, many black granite quarries in India were shut down because they weren’t compatible with adequate social distancing measures and put workers at risk. Multiple quarries remain closed. While new quarries are soon expected to open in three states in India, it’s not expected these sites will begin extracting granite, due to stringent, new environmental restrictions.
  1. Decreasing yield and quality
    A number of the quarry sites that supply us with Jet Black and Premium Black granite are currently running around a depth of 200 feet. Unfortunately, the yield is decreasing due to an increase in flaws. We’re aware of cases where black blocks come out of the quarry and the outside of the block appears to be our Jet Black material, but once cut and polished, it takes on the appearance of a coarse medium grain that can’t be classified as Jet Black.
Ajax Legacy Obelisk, Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Ajax Legacy Obelisk, Ajax, Ontario, Canada

What are the solutions?

Let us reassure you that we’re still able to supply you with the Jet Black and Premium Black granites from India that you love. However, to reduce reliance on this in-demand stone, ease strain on quarries – and keep your customers happy – we suggest the following:

  1. Suggest and promote alternative blacks to your clients, such as Cambrian Black or American Black
  2. When selling, encourage your clients to consider alternative granite colour options from both domestic and overseas quarries
  3. We recommend highlighting the distinctiveness of variegated granites to your customers, too. Aurora, American Black, Bahama BlueParadiso and Himalayan Blue are all beautiful and make cemetery memorials truly unique.
Cambrian Black and Himalayan Blue
Cambrian Black and Himalayan Blue

We’re constantly monitoring the current situation in an effort to minimize the disruption to your orders. We hope the above information has been helpful – but if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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