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What is Granite?

Being a top-notch granite company, we get asked this question a lot: just what is granite? After all, we’ve dedicated our lives to being a granite stone supplier for over 90 years. Just what is it about granite that would call us to do this?

HGH Granite is a granite company based in Ontario that supplies granite for monuments, landmarks, memorials, and architectural uses. We also offer granite services, such as granite installation, granite repair, laser etching, and sandblasting. Below, we’ll take a brief look at what exactly is granite. Contact us today for all your custom granite needs!


Most people know that granite is a type of rock, in this case, an igneous rock specifically. Rocks are made up of different minerals and compounds that give them their unique characteristics. In the case of granite, it is composed of quartz, feldspar, micas, amphiboles, and other minerals.

Granite is formed deep within the earth at high pressure from molten rock that has cooled. Its different colours are from the predominant mineral it is made up of. Granite is the most abundant igneous rock on the planet, and it is usually near the surface within the continental crust. It is usually found in huge slabs, which is what makes it perfect for carving large monuments, landmarks, and building structures from. Granite is also incredibly hard, which is why it lasts so long, and another reason it is chosen for monuments, landmarks, and memorials that people want to last a long time.

What Are the Uses of Granite?

For many, granite is synonymous with granite countertops since this is one of the most desired items in a kitchen. You will also find granite used for floor tiles, paving stones, in buildings, and for curbs.

Some of the most well-known places on earth are huge, granite structures or outcroppings. These include the steep granite cliffs in Yosemite. El Capitan, the most famous rock in Yosemite, is the largest granite monolith in the world and is made from one huge chunk of granite. Other famous granite outcroppings include Stone Mountain in Georgia, Pike’s Peak in Colorado, and the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Perhaps the most famous granite carving in the world is Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Granite is quarried in five states primarily: Massachusetts, Georgia, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Idaho. You may be wondering why is granite so expensive if it is the most abundant igneous rock in the earth’s crust? While granite itself is abundant, the most desired colour schemes of granite are not. The granite with the most desired colour veins and granites, or granules, in that vein are more expensive due to the laws of supply and demand.


HGH Granite has a passion for granite. We love helping people create amazing monuments, memorials, landmarks, and buildings as tributes to others and as objects we can admire, marvel at, and be moved by. It’s truly amazing how human ingenuity can take a rock made from minerals and engineer something even more beautiful.

For all your granite supply needs and granite services, contact HGH Granite based in Ontario today!

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