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The Architect’s Stone

Although granite has been used for thousands of years by mankind as a building material, it hasn’t been until recently that people have realized just how beautiful and durable it is. And although the stone is over a billion years old, it has a very modern appeal to it when utilized creatively. As a granite company in Ontario originating in 1929, HGH understands the diverse applications of granite.

It all began with our ancestor, Henry George Hardwick, producing memorials from a small building on Ottawa street. And over the past 90 years, we have seen constant innovation in the ways that the stone is used. While we still provide custom stonework to memorial retailers, we’ve also branched out to a multitude of clientele that use granite in a variety of ways. Municipalities, landscapers, and even the art community have begun to see just how special granite is, and the beauty that it emanates. Yet, one type of client has just recently begun using granite more than any other stone: architects.

In this post, we’ll be discussing why granite has become the architect’s preferred stone when creating beautiful architectural features, and how the billion-year-old stone is finally getting to show its creative side.

Innovation in Tools

One main reason that architects haven’t used granite to its full potential until recently is simply that the tools weren’t available or able to produce detailed features, until now. This doesn’t just go for architects, but the whole spectrum of people looking for custom stonework. In fact, this is one reason that old cemeteries are full of degrading marble headstones and memorials. Not until the early 20th century did stone masons have the tools to accurately carve and craft detailed, beautiful works out of granite because the stone is so dense and hard that the older tools simply didn’t cut it. Times have changed, and we can transform the stone into various shapes and even have picturesque details laser-etched onto it.

Structures Meant to Last

Another reason that granite has become the preferred stone for architects is that unlike other rock (looking at you marble), granite will not fade over time nor will it crack or fall apart. When an architectural feature consists of granite, it will stand there for the world to see, only to be removed by the force of man. So architects know that all of their hard work creating the piece will be able to last long after they’re gone themselves.

Innate Beauty

We’ve stated it many times before, and will again, but what makes granite stand out from other stones is its innate beauty. Consisting of so many different components, the colour options for granite is basically endless. This gives architects, the art community, landscapers, and memorial retailers the ability to choose a colour of granite that best fits whatever project that they’re envisioning.

Natural Physical Properties

Granite doesn’t need the aid of chemicals, change to structure, or composition to be breathtaking. It is used just how it comes out of nature, we just craft it into the form desired.

Cost Effective

With little to no maintenance required, a long lifespan, and no change in composition, granite is extremely cost effective for the time that it will last. Architects know that little will happen to it that will cause damage, including fire, so once the architectural feature is completed and installed, nothing further needs to be done to it.

HGH Granite

Sourcing our stone from four different continents, our staff having the most experience in the industry, and with the multiple granite services that we provide, HGH is the granite company to call when you’re looking for a durable, beautiful, and unparalleled stone for architectural features. Contact us today to learn more and make sure to see some of the works we’ve been involved in. We provide granite services throughout Ontario, New York State, and the surrounding area.

Did you know that we at HGH Granite have been providing granite services all over Ontario for the last 90 years?

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