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Q&A about our Mother & Children Cemetery Sculptures

Mother & Children Cemetery Memorial Q&A

Our work on these granite Mother & Children grass markers was recently unveiled at Our Lady of the Angels Cemetery in Stoney Creek (right), and the Holy Family Cemetery in Milton (left) – of the Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario.

We’re proud of how these memorials turned out. The brief was to create sculptures for the children’s areas of the cemeteries that would bring solace and comfort to loved ones. As you can imagine, this was something that touched us and resonated with us, deeply.

We are asked a lot of questions about the Mother & Children project – so we decided to put together a Q&A blog to answer them all. Read on to discover more…

How did the Mother & Children cemetery memorial project come about?

We’ve worked with our client, The Catholic Cemeteries of Hamilton, for many years, supplying them with granite and engraving services – and carrying out projects on cemetery memorials, mausoleums, columbariums and granite features.

In this case, the cemetery came to us looking for a unique feature to distinguish the children’s sections at two of their cemetery sites. They had an idea of what they wanted, but were also looking for creative input from us.

When did work on the memorials begin?

We received the brief in February 2022, and there followed initial meetings, followed by initial designs both on paper, and then in clay, before the designs were signed off and carving on the final pieces began.

Why did you take on this project?

It is exactly the kind of request that HGH can outperform on and the purpose of this feature is something we are deeply passionate about as a team. It was meaningful and important, a project that would stand the test of time – we take comfort in knowing these granite cemetery memorial sculptures provide comfort to people.

Plus, the project aligned with our passion and expertise in this area, and played to our company’s strengths.

What went into the design?

This project required a lot of our time, and an array of in-house skills. We put to work a variety of abilities and talents to make it happen, including discussions around the granite plinth design, sizing considerations, sketches, clay modelling, and carving the granite with robotic milling equipment.

After that, it was all about the intricate handwork, precise polishing, engraving, and ultimately, the detailed installation process. All of which we completed as a company.

How did you decide on the types of granite to use?

Once we’d got the go-ahead on the final design for the granite statue/s, the team began to review suitable granite colors. Although the statues for the two different sites were the same, the cemetery wanted to distinguish each piece by colour. We decided on Indian Red granite for Our Lady of the Angels Cemetery in Stoney Creek, while its counterpart at the Holy Family Cemetery in Milton was rendered in Imperial Pink granite. We love the results.

What was involved in the installation?

We managed the entire installation process from beginning to end, employing our crane truck, and experienced installation crew.

When were the final statues unveiled?

They were unveiled in September 2023 on a bright, sunny day – which felt significant.

What has the response been like?

Our client is pleased with the sculptures. And we’re really touched to know that they have been positively received by visitors to the children’s area of the cemetery.

Do you have any further projects in the pipeline with the client?

Our partnership with the Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton is one we hold very dear. These sculptures stand as a testament to both the Cemetery group’s dedication to honouring their sacred spaces with special memorials, our artistry and passion as a company, and how we both come together to bring the Cemetery’s vision to life.

Currently we have another cemetery feature for The Catholic Cemeteries of Hamilton with Jesus and two children that we are excited to be installing early 2024.

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