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Four Seasons Hotel and Residences

"Aldershot Landscape completed the grand pavement ‘carpet detail’ at the Four Seasons Hotel with natural stone supplied from HGH granite’s vast resource of quality suppliers. HGH provided detailed shop drawings and accurate product samples which assisted ALC in presentation, approvals and final install accuracy. The finished pavement detail and quality installation has become a “must see” extension of the Four Seasons lobby and entrance."
Scott Cressman, Aldershot Landscape Contractors

Project Specifications


Aldershot Landscape Contractors


Claude Cormier + Associés of Montreal


Four Seasons, Yorkville, Toronto, ON


Pavers in 14 colours

The Four Seasons Hotel and Residences is a stunning building located in an elegant neighbourhood of Yorkville in Toronto, Ontario. Working with Aldershot Landscape Contractors, we were briefed with sourcing the granite for the ‘urban carpet’ of the hotel’s grand outdoor lobby.

Evoking the look of a giant Persian rug, the geometric pattern was created using granite cobbles in fourteen different colours and finishes for a real one-of-its-kind look and feel. This section of the plaza serves a dual purpose – being both a highly durable driveaway and a design masterpiece when viewed from above. We also supplied granite spheres and pavers for the surrounding sidewalks, granite curbing and granite for the base of the plaza’s fountain.

We’re very proud to have worked on this statement project. In our opinion, not only does the Four Seasons’ ‘urban carpet’ serve as an opulent welcome to guests and visitors, but as an advert for the inherent natural beauty of granite itself.