There’s a reason that contractors, artists, landscape architects and designers love working with granite as much as we love sourcing it for them.

Granite rocks in every sense of the word. Here’s why…


1. It goes back to antiquity

Granite has been used as a construction stone in public architecture for Millennia.

It was used in some of the pyramids of ancient Egypt, the temples of ancient southern India, and the cobbled streets of ancient Rome.

Granite has played an integral role in the history of human civilisation – and is as popular with architects and streetscapers today as it was with the Pharos.

2. It’s strong to its core, and a ‘rock’ in bad weather

Granite is an intrusive igneous rock which is made up of quartz, mica, and feldspar. It comes from crystalized magma cooled far below the earth’s crust.

While it’s beneath the surface, granite is heated and compressed under such high pressure that it forms an interlocking rock structure – which gives it its indomitable strength.

A super-rock by every standard, granite’s density, hardness and strength means it’s not just sturdy, it’s also resistant to heat and cold, weather-proof, and durable enough to perform under the strain of regular vehicular traffic and heavy footfall.

3. It shows no sign of running out!

Granite is easy to grind and shape – it’s also relatively abundant.

Along with being nigh-on indestructible, it’s considered to be an inexhaustible rock.  Let’s just say, there’s always lots to go around.

4. It’s versatile and looks great

As beloved for its looks as its durability, granite’s aesthetic quality is well-renowned.

Its various colours span the spectrum from blue and pearl grey, to white, black, pink, red and green, offering impeccable decorative value – and when polished, granite can preserve its shine for many centuries.

Granite is super versatile and ideal for use in a wide range of projects, applications and pattern designs – from street furniture to streetscapes.

Personally, we love the way it brings elegance, ambience and character to any landmark or streetscape.

At HGH Granite, we pride ourselves on offering a range of granite in a variety of colours and finishes to suit even the most exacting client specification, too.

5. It’s cost effective

Both historic and elemental, elegant and eternally modern, low maintenance and long-lasting, granite is cost-effective to boot. If you have a granite project in the pipeline, get in touch with us to find out more about prices.


Berczy Park Berczy Park

We sourced granite from both Asia and Europe to get the contrasting colours for the complex paving pattern created by our client in this public square in Toronto. We also sourced the granite used for the drinking trough of the Victorian-style fountain. A big hit with dogs.

Cambridge City Hall Cambridge City Hall

We sourced a selection of polished granite for this piece at the Cambridge Civic Administration Building in Ontario, created by artist Stephen Cruise.

Four Seasons Hotel Four Seasons

The awe-inspiring “urban carpet” of the Four Seasons in Yorkville, Ontario, was created using granite cobbles which we sourced for our client in a variety of colours and finishes.

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